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Bariatric Surgery Aftercare

After weight loss surgery comes another important phase in the bariatric surgery process - aftercare. Aftercare is the process in which a specialized physician will monitor your progress and help you reach your goal weight in the healthiest way possible. Following your bariatric surgery you are advised to follow a strict discipline in regards to your diet and general lifestyle.

Our aftercare specialist will help ensure that you are on track to lose weight and reduce the health risks associated with bariatric surgery.

What Does Aftercare entail?

Typically, these programs include an outline of diet and exercise after surgery. Following your doctor's recommended diet after bariatric surgery is the most important aspect of post-surgery monitoring. Making the right food choices will help you speed up your weight loss process and making poor choices will usually undermine your weight loss progress. Our aftercare coordinator will also advise you on an exercise routine, which will start out slow then increase to include more physically-demanding activities.

Depending on your surgery, supplements can be an important aspect of maintaining a nutritious diet. Our coordinator will guide you throughout the process of a vitamin and mineral supplement regimen.

Can I Manage My Own Aftercare?

Many patients who’ve undergone bariatric surgery often feel that the hard part is over. They are somewhat surprised to find that after bariatric surgery, involves a phase that can seem daunting. After bariatric surgery often requires many followups and progress reports, which sometimes seems unnecessary to patients. Patients should not take control of their own aftercare as research says patients increased their weight loss when they are actively engaged with their aftercare physician.

Patients who follow their physician’s suggestions usually lose more weight (35% more) after bariatric surgery, than those who don’t follow their doctor's suggestions. The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, reports that those patients who lose more weight are more likely to keep the weight off.


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