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A Lighter Me - Weight Loss Surgery Resource Guide

Our organization is dedicated to excellence in every way. Our surgeons are specifically chosen because they are experts in their field. We understand the weight loss surgery patient, as our staff is made up of weight loss surgery patients. We know how difficult, confusing and time consuming it can be to research your options and choose the best surgeon. The bariatric surgeons we represent have been carefully screened. They are top in their field and have a true passion for their work. Our lead surgeons are dedicated bariatric surgeons who have in some way been recognized for their contribution to either weight loss surgery or minimally invasive surgery. Please take the time to read our surgeon’s credentials and we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

We only represent “Full Service” bariatric surgeons that have experience and a proven track record with all the types of surgeries available to weight loss surgery patients today.

Additionally, we have an entire team of experts to meet all of your needs. You will receive personal attention and our staff will continue to assist you with all your follow-up care needs throughout your weight loss journey.

Whether you have insurance or are self-pay. We can help you with your arrangements and ensure the best experience possible.

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