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Costs of Obesity - Weight Loss Surgery Resource Guide

Currently two-thirds of adults are considered overweight (BMI: body mass index: over 25), and one-third of adults are considered obese (BMI: body mass index: over 30. With obesity this prevalent in the United States, the impact of obesity is everywhere. One of the more hidden consequences of being overweight and obese, is the financial costs associated with being obese.

One of the most transparent issues with being obese is that employers are often discriminating. Not only do employers often pay taller people higher wages on average, they tend to pay obese people $3.41 per hour than non-obese workers. If earning less money, for the same work, doesn’t scare you then the the risk of decreased life expectancy will.

Obese people can decrease their own life expectancy by as much as 10 years. With the average wages hovering around $38,000 per year, this can be alarming. But considering many people retire later now, this is very alarming for people struggling with obesity.

One of the most commonly known fact regarding obesity, is that it can lead to disease like diabetes (obese children are 1.5 times more likely to have diabetes than non-obese children) and cancers like colon and breast cancers ( obese people are 20% more likely to be diagnosed with colon cancer, and 21% more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer). But it can lead to other specific conditions including the more benign arthritis and knee and hip replacements.

Arthritis can be expensive, costing roughly $500/annually to treat and it is very common with obesity ( 66% of obese people reported having also arthritis).

Knee and hip replacements are also very common with obesity (obese people receive about 25.5% more hip and knee replacements, than healthy weight individuals). With an average costs of $4,750 per surgery, this unexpected costs can add up fast.

Obesity can be costly as we can see above, but there are always options. One should never settle with being overweight. Diet and exercise can work for millions of overweight. But being severely overweight shouldn’t discourage goal of losing weight, weight loss surgery can provide obese people with an option of losing weight.

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