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Panniculectomy Surgery: Guide to Costs, Candidacy, Risks and Surgery.

Panniculectomy Surgery

For many patients after bariatric surgery, the need to remove excess skin and fat around the genitals and thighs is paramount. Panniculectomy surgery is a plastic surgery that removes this hanging flab of fat and skin.

Panniculectomy procedure is a fairly intensive procedure with nearly one-week of post-surgery hospital stay. Patients will undergo anesthesia, and remain in the operating room for two hours.

How does Panniculectomy compare with Abdominoplasty?

Panniculectomy is different from an abdominoplasty, because panniculectomy tends to remove a greater amount of excess fat and skin than abdominoplasty. Panniculectomy isn't considered a cosemetic surgery, but a neccessity, as patients lose great amounts of excess fat.

Abdominoplasty, unlike Panniculectomy, does tighten the abdominal muscles as well as removing excess fat and skin.

Risks of Panniculectomy Surgery

Risks of Panniculectomy surgery, like every major abdominal surgery, includes risks and possible complications. Risks include death, infection, bleeding, blood clots and more.

Complications can including excessive scarring, fluid collection, and may need revision surgery.

Who is a Candidate for Panniculectomy?

Panniculectomy is a surgery for individuals that lost large amount of excess weight. People who've been on recent diets, bariatric surgery, or another weight-loss regimen will be good candidates. Physicians also like candidates with lower health risks.

Patients who are not diabetics or high high-blood pressure will also be good candidates. Another requirement is that a patient's weight must be stable for about a year.

How Much Does Panniculectomy Cost?

The cost of Panniculectomy surgery depends on how much fat and skin are going to be removed, the facility's fees, surgeon's fees and the cost of anesthesia. Patients can expect to pay on average $8,000 to $10,000. The price can go higher if the patient wants to undergo an additional procedure.

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