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PHASE IV Diet – 4 Weeks After Surgery

At this point if you have tolerated all of the earlier phases well, you will advance to this phase – a regular diet. Please read the list below for instructions:

  • Add fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates with fiber i.e. Kashi cereal, shredded wheat with bran, 100% whole wheat pasta, brown rice, round flax seed.
  • Eat foods of normal consistency – you no longer have to puree or blend your foods
  • Go slowly with dense foods, high fiber foods, doughy breads or stringy, tough meats.
  • Eat 6 small meals a day
  • MAINTAIN ADEQUATE PROTEIN – Women: 60 + grams per day. Men: 70 + grams per day
  • Always eat your protein first
  • Still avoid sweets, fatty foods and calorie dense (high calorie) foods that have no nutrients.
  • Health lifelong awareness of your diet will serve you well.
  • Maintain your fluid intake, 9 – 10 glasses of fluid a day
  • Continue with your multi-vitamins, B12, calcium and iron


Post-Op Bariatric Surgery Diet Guides

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