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Mexiso Weight Loss Surgery

Weight Loss Surgery Options - Types of Bariatric Surgery

Below is a brief outline of the options available in weight loss surgery. These options are typically not available to everyone, so it would be helpful to read: am I a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery, and decide if you are an acceptable bariatric patient. The weight loss surgeries below are for people suffering from obesity, and who want to enjoy a healthier life.


Gastric Banding Surgery

The Lap-Band is an adjustable silicone ring that is placed around the top part of the stomach creating a small (1-2 ounce or 15-30cc) pouch. The Lap-Band moderately restricts the volume and type of foods the patient is able consume. The Band delays emptying of the pouch and creates the sensation of satiety...

Gastric Bypass Surgery

Small pouch (about 1 ounce/20-30cc). Pouch is connected to the small intestine where food and digestive juices are separated for the first 3 to 5 feet. The RnY significantly restricts the volume of food that can be eaten....

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Long, narrow, vertical pouch (about 2-3 oz or 60-100cc). The pouch is the same shape as the duodenal switch pouch but is generally smaller. There is no intestinal bypass. The VG significantly restricts the volume of food that can be eaten but at the same time allows a normal diet...

Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

The mini Gastric Bypass is similar to a traditional gastric bypass, but is less invasive and requires less time for surgery and recovery...


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