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Tijuana, Mexico Bariatric Surgery Hosptial Facilities

Every year thousands of United States and Canadian citizens travel to Tijuana seeking inexpensive healthcare. Weight loss surgery is a primary draw with its close proximity to the United States and its home to talented bariatric surgeons.

Tijuana is the most demanded city to undergo weight loss surgery in Mexico and with good reason. Our hospital facilities are just a few minutes from the San Diego airport.

Ever since the progression of travelers seeking healthcare in Mexico, Tijuana hospitals have adjusted and produced some of the most advanced hospitals in Mexico. Today, these hospitals meet or exceed United States standards, allowing them to attract thousands of US and Canadian patients every year.

A 2008 report on medical tourism estimated 750,000 Americans traveled out of the country for health care in 2007 and that by 2017 as many as 23 million Americans may travel internationally for medical treatments.

Mexico has become one of the top destinations for medical tourism from the United States, Canada, Europe and the Caribbean, with many patients receiving equal to or in some cases more advanced treatment in Mexico than they can receive in their average local hospital.

Tijuana Hospital Mi Doctor

Only minutes away from the US border and San Diego airport, Hospital Mi Doctor is a well equipped, high-tech hospital specializing in bariatric surgery. This hospital offers all the amenities of the large hospitals and has many safety features that other hospitals don’t offer. Mi Doctor Hospital includes in-house radiology department, 3 operating rooms, an endoscopy suite in-house and a newly added ICU.


Tijuana Hospital Mi Doctor Exterior
Hospital Mi Doctor
Tijuana Hospital Mi Doctor Elevator
Tijuana Hospital Mi Doctor Reception
Tijuana Hospital Mi Doctor Patient Room
Patient Room
Tijuana Hospital Mi Doctor Operating Room
Operating Room
Tijuana Hospital Mi Doctor ICU
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